The Klinik im Alpenpark has embraced a concept that is unique in Germany: an experienced and specialist consultant puts together a personal treatment plan with an individual combination of therapies, and remains your point of contact throughout your stay. We also assign a ‘coordinating therapist’ to support every patient, creating a close relationship that boosts treatment success.

The majority of our doctors, psychologists and therapists have been with us for many years. They work together as a team, closely coordinating your treatments to ensure you achieve your goals.

It is important to us to continually expand the expertise within our clinic, and so we expect our staff to build on and share their body of expertise through regular further training. We also host medical conferences as well as educational sessions and presentations on site at the Klinik im Alpenpark.

Orthopaedic, cardiology and gastroenterology rehabilitation treatment

Our approach to rehabilitation, for example following major joint or heart surgery, or after gastrointestinal visceral manipulation, is built on four pillars: physical recovery, psychological healing, learning to live with your disorder, and (occupational) reintegration.

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Psychosomatic treatment

Patients with psychological disorders such as depression, burn-out, eating disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder receive highly individualised therapeutic treatment at the Klinik im Alpenpark, including daily individual psychotherapy, and supporting group therapy. 

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